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Monday, November 23, 2009


Soul Train Awards to Honor Michael JacksonMichael Jackson will be honored at the 2009 Soul Train Awards, an annual award show which previously aired in national television syndication that honors the best in Black music and entertainment.Michael Jackson’s legendary music career will be honored with a special “Entertainer of the Year” award during 2009 Soul [...]
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mj affair with animation

We've seen the moonwalk,

the one-handed glove,

the anti-gravity lean,

and that's just to

mention a few of

the innovations

introduced by the late Michael Jackson. Sometimes people even forget how MJ reinvented himself from a child prodigy into a global pop sensation. But he has this sense of creativity and showmanship that is hard to match which leads him to try many things - one of which is cartoon animation for his music videos.
Michael Jackson's song "Leave Me Alone" in the 1987 album Bad prominently featured 2D cartoon animation as its motif. Throughout the entire video, Jackson was super-imposed as a scaled real-life character.
The song talks about the personal and public turmoil encountered by Michael after the success of his 1982 album Thriller. At this time, the tabloids and other gossip columns were targeting him with different rumors about his lifestyle. Among these were Michael's obsession with purchasing the bones of the Elephant Man and sleeping inside a hyperbaric chamber to counter the effects of aging.
The cartoon animated video was used by Michael Jackson as a rebuttal for all these charges. The narrative of the video starts with an amusement park with a collage of images attributing to his success, along with certain images such as a shrine to his popular friend Elizabeth Taylor (who gave him the moniker King of Pop). In the end, it is revealed that Michael Jackson is the amusement park and he struggles away, destroying the park in the process.
Leave Me Alone was directed by Jim Blashfield and it was most notable for winning the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video at the Grammy Awards of 1990. It was also shown in the feature entitled Moonwalker. Here is the animated video of Leave Me Alone:
Michael Jackson helped popularize the utilization of music videos as a promotional piece and as an art form. Another of his videos which prominently used computer animation effects was Black or White, a strongly worded song contradicting racial discrimination - but was more known for its scenes of violence and sexualized dancing. The most recognizable animation effect used in this video was morphing.
Morphing is a special effect which tries to change one image into another seamlessly. The music video Black or White used this concept in the tail-end part of the video where people of different ethnicities, gender and ages were shot in a bust shot point of view and was made to appear like it is morphing while moving its neck from left to right. Here is the video:
This was another revolutionary touch from Michael Jackson and, together with Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 1991, the video helped set a trend in special effects and computer animation. Now, advanced computer software is available to create realistic simulations - but nothing will surpass that level of genius when it was first introduced by Black or White.
I'll list some of his most special awards here as a tribute to Jacko:
World Music Awards' Best-Selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium
American Music Award's Artist of the Century Award
Bambi Pop Artist of the Millennium Award.
Double-inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (The Jackson 5, 1997; solo, 2001)
Multiple Guinness World Records (eight in 2006 alone),
13 Grammy Awards,
13 number one singles in his solo career-more than any other male artist in the Hot 100 era
sale of over 750 million records worldwide
Rest in peace, MJ.
Aldric Chang is a creative entrepreneur who is at the moment building
free online adventure games for kids and running a successful cartoon animation studio. His creative accomplishments span across the production of several hundred animation projects, casual games, music compositions, cartoon animated series and a virtual world for kids

Michael Jackson: Today's Thomas Edison?

In 1987 Michael Jackson invented anti-gravity, flying in the face of the scientific world. In 1993 his invention was successfully patented, and the rest is history.
The question that remains then, is what fabulous inventions lay undiscovered in Jackson's home just waiting to be found? After all, it's almost expected that a musical genius like Jackson would have a few more secrets hidden up his shimmering, sequined sleeves.
I don't think anyone would argue with the claim that Michael Jackson is a lot like Thomas Edison. They were both geniuses in their own right, and while Edison had 1,092 more patents credited to his name, no one can say with certainty that Jackson didn't have a thousand or so himself on the verge of completion. If we think back on Jackson's amazing career as an entertainer and the unbelievable stunts he pulled throughout his life, it really is hard to miss.

source:http://scarley hygenic.blogspot.com
I mean, come on, the "Thriller" music video? The complete racial transformation? If that's not hyper-accelerated gene therapy at work, I don't know what is. And how about the controversial "Blanket Incident"? Couldn't that have been the first real-world demonstration of Jackson's anti-gravity technology for children?


Michael Jackson's Punch-Out

Mike L. Mayfield of Citizens Against Safety Goggles created this awesome animation of Michael Jackson in Punch-Out, one of the best NES games ever!In this game he fights Macaulay Culkin to survive. His monkey, shoes and signature moves are revisited in this funny Nintendo Parody including a Thriller face.

9- World's Largest Thriller Dance-Off

The “Thrill the World” event took place in 2008 and over 4,000 people around the world put on their best

white gloves and zombie make-up to celebrate Michael Jackson's thriller.
When all was said and done, 4,177 people in 72 cities and 10 nations synced up by cell phone and clomped out the Thriller dance for charity.

Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie Vinyl Figure

Imported from Japan! Think what you will of the eccentric 'King of Pop,' but there's no denying that his smash-hit album Thriller and the unforgettable title track and video have left and indelible mark on American pop culture. Fully assembled and painted, this 7" tall, fix posed, vinyl caricature figure presents Michael Jackson as he appeared in the video.

Michael Jackson's Video Game

Back when Jackson was merely a semi-eccentric star, Sega created a video game property for him, named Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Moonwalker was notable for being an early example of real-life celebrities appearing in video games, and for using digitized versions of some of Jacko's songs. The game is also unintentionally ironic because Jackson is tasked with rescuing helpless children from a crime boss named Mr. Big (although in hindsight, perhaps it was Mr. Big who was doing the rescuing

Billie Jean was the first MTV video by a black artist

"Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson was the first video to air on MTV by a black artist (1983).AND HE PAVED THE WAY FOR THE FUTURE BLACK ARTISTS.AND HE WAS THE PIONEER.


Michael Jackson was suffering from a rare genetic disease called Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. The condition is just one among the 8,000 or so known rare disease worldwide.



In 1985, a three-year-old chimpanzee named Bubbles was rescued from a Texas cancer research center by Michael Jackson. From that moment on, Bubbles went everywhere with Jackson, becoming his constant companion and purported best friend. He would even be dressed up in the same outfit as Jackson and toured with him on his Bad tour. Bubbles now resides in an animal sanctuary, he is no longer safe to be let out to play with the public. Jackson continued to visit his beloved pet with his children, and the chimp would resume a very childish and playful behavior when Jackson was around.


Michael Jackson invented

and patented special boots

that allowed the wearer

to lean so far forward that

it seems to defy gravity.

He used this for the famous

"lean" in the "Smooth Criminal" music video.

EGYPT female sculpture: look like MJ

Flickr user mandalariangirl took a photo of this ancient Egyptian female sculpture picture in the Field Museum in Chicago. She speculates if Michael Jackson got some ideas for his plastic surgeries.


Well I´m late to make tribute to this star of pop, but I really wanna make something special. Enough of talk about the problems that he had, the better way to remember this genious is with his music, well here you are the best tour that he carried out, The dangerous tour. I hope you can enjoy it. Buy the way this blog was born in the same day that he died, that´s why the name acrescendo, well It must ´ve been a crescendo , anyway, I chose it beacuse of one song of him, guess which one.....


Eddie Van Halen performing " Beat it" with Michael Jackson
Maybe most of you don`t know Eddie Van Halen recorded " Beat it " with Michael Jackson for the album Thriller. That`s why Michael`s music turned around rock, this is a clear example, and maybe this explains why rock musicians always supported his music,too.Probably you have seen "This is it" , and you have shocked with someone who always wanna be in all the details, since design the coreography until create the environment of a great show, just a genius.I post this video (sorry for the quality) because I consider it very valuable, because it was in 1984 with Eddy Van Halen . Just check it out. It`s great.
BLOGGER ARTCLE:Eddie Van Helen one of my favourite lead-guitarists.i like his way of dressing and glazing colours and his guitar decorated with different colours of lines its attractive like is dress.
VH:s best albums are:Balance,Van helen 3, and van helen etc.



Hey, Michael Jackson was not only a musical genious, but also an inventor. Do you remember the dancing in smooth criminal? particulary when he tilt with his dancers, well he designed a boots that seemed a normal pair of shoes, and that ´s registered as a patent in USA Patents.
The trick is great , the boot has a wedge in the wad, so this let a dancer to cling on the stage trough a hook.
As you see he was a genious , nothing, absolutely nothing to compare with silly dancers today( justin timberlake, britney spears)they and a lot of them have to make a lot (and that includes to born again) for reaching Michael JACKSON.
source:MICHAEL JACKSON FAN site>rockzila.com the best place of music

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