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Saturday, January 2, 2010

MJ's Great Vedios

Michael Jackson's Thriller (Full Version) Part 1
Part1 of this awesome video.Sorry for cut it but the original video is too large to upload on you tube. Check Part 2. Copyright Holder Sony Music

Bad (Full Version - Part 1) [With English subtitles]

Bad (Full Version - Part 1) [With English subtitles]
http://www.amazon.com/Michael-Jackson-Video-Greatest-HIStory/dp/B00005A1T1Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_(Michael_Jackson_song)
© 2009 YouTube

Michael Jackson - Beat It
Michael Jackson Beat It from the album Beat It© 1982 MJJ Productions Inc.

Michael Jackson-In the Closet video
Check out Michael Jackson's In the Closet- one of the best videos of Michael Jackson, featuring Naomi Campbell. Vote your best MJ song in bollywoodtrends.blogspot.com

Michael Jackson-Blood on the Dance Floor (Enhanced Version)
A video I edited using all three versions of "Blood on the Dance Floor". NOTE--Some parts are grainy and have low quality. Don't worry! It was intentional. Hope you enjoy!*I do not own any of the content featured in this video. This is for entertainment purposes only. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the content in this video, please contact immediately*PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!

MY MEGA MJ ROBOT MOONWALK DANCE COLLECTION woo..MJ MJ MJ MJ Michael jacksons the best dancer ever and i wanted to show u this video which i had fun making over the weekend, No Fancy Crap! just Pure Entertainment from MICHAEL JACKSON :Denjoy :)

Framed :Because MJ was a Black

I don't believe this allegations against Michael jack son.he was framed by somebody...to unpopular is image and character.he was framed because he was black that is the problem.not only Michael Jackson...another black living legend Mike Tyson The Great heavy weight champ also unpopular ed by the rape...its common cases and allegations in united states i think...
no dobut MJ was framed...and another humiliated act is MJ was Hand-Cuffed during this time,it is riduculous,its not shame for the MJ its shame for the americans....he was not a terrorist,he was not a lunatic or mafia leader,why he was Hand-Cuffed ?i dont know?May be cops violated united federal rules.

Second child sexual abuse allegations (2003–05)
Further information: Living with Michael Jackson and People v. Jackson
In a series of interviews with Martin Bashir, broadcast in 2003, as Living with Michael Jackson, Jackson was seen holding hands and discussing sleeping arrangements with Gavin Arvizo, 13, who later accused him of sexual abuse.[125] Shortly after the documentary aired, Jackson was charged with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent in relation to Arvizo.[125] Jackson denied the allegations, saying the sleepovers were not sexual in nature.
During the two years between the charges and the trial, Jackson reportedly became dependent on pethidine (Demerol), and lost a lot of weight. The People v. Jackson began on January 31, 2005, in Santa Maria, California, and lasted five months, until the end of May. On June 13, 2005, Jackson was acquitted on all counts.[126][127][128] After the trial, he relocated to the Persian Gulf island of Bahrain, as a guest of Sheikh Abdullah.[129] A media circus surrounded the event.